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Recapturing revenue with more accurate self-billing


Self-billed plans account for $1.4B in loss for insurance carriers annually

Today’s manual self-bill methods burden customers, frustrate brokers, and lead to significant premium leakage — all as a result of bad data.

See how Noyo ingests enrollment data directly from the ben-admin to simplify and automate the billing process. The result is fewer errors, a first-class customer experience, and valuable premium dollars recovered.

Dive into the details in this on-demand webinar with Daryl Hemeon, Noyo Solutions Architect, and Chris Kaiser, Noyo Solutions Engineer.

During this 45-minute session, we cover:

  • Ways premium leakage occurs and common barriers to generating accurate bills
  • Current solutions on the market and where they are falling short
  • Why Noyo is best positioned to improve the billing experience and how our solution works

Event details

Duration: 45 minutes
Type: On-demand

Why Noyo for self-billing?

Because better billing requires better data. Noyo’s automatic billing solution is available for all lines of coverage and self-billed plans.

Old Way
Noyo Way


Self-bill that’s easier
for everyone

Remove the burden of calculating costs and provide a first-class experience. Noyo keeps track of enrollments, validates data, and calculates premiums so your customers don’t have to.


Better data with
fewer errors

The Noyo platform ingests structured enrollment data directly from the ben-admin and can even track enrollments over time as member changes occur. Ensure more accurate bills that arrive faster.


Reduce costs,
increase revenue

Premium leakage and administrative costs eat at customer value. Noyo offers a simple, automated billing process that’s proven to reduce OpEx and recapture revenue that would otherwise fall through the cracks.

Meet the Speakers


Daryl Hemeon
Solutions Architect, Noyo

Before Noyo, Daryl used to build web applications (lots of web applications), work on marketing technology, and help accelerate business problem-solving as one of the founding members of the Digital Incubator at Unum.

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Chris Kaiser
Solutions Engineer, Noyo

Chris has worked in employee benefits for nearly a decade with deep experience with carrier integrations at Businessolver. He strongly believes that clean, validated data can change the entire industry.

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